Archeage Healing Guide & Builds

Archeage Healing Guide & Builds #archeage #healer #healing #build

Archeage Healing GuideThe Archeage Healing Guide includes everything needed for any player wanting to make their character a main healer including suggested builds. If you wish to create a secondary healer or a self sufficient healing character.

What makes a character a main healer? When they use Vitalism along with Auramancy, characters have the potential to be a main healer.  

We have included all different types of…

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MyVegas Account Hacking - How & Why

MyVegas Account Hacking - How & Why #MyVegas #accounthacking #facebook #hacked

Why do people steal accounts with MyVegas Account Hacking? MyVegas Account HackersWhat’s in it for them, and how do they do hack Facebook Accounts? All this and more is going to be covered in this article today. It’s actually been a couple years since I posted any full on, how not to be hacked guides, and this one isn’t that. But I am going to go over some basics, that you need to know.

Lets face it, it’s easy to get…

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MyVegas BlackJack Guide

MyVegas BlackJack Guide #myvegas #blackjackstrategy #myvegasblackjack #basicstrategy #blackjackbasicstrategy

MyVegas BlackJack GuideThis MyVegas BlackJack Basic Strategy Guide, is made specifically for the MyVegas Facebook game, where you can earn real comps to casinos in Las Vegas, NV at MGM/Mandalay and Station Casino properties. Additionally there are rewards for Wolfgang Puck, LV Monorail, Sugar Factory, and the LV Motor Speedway. This MyVegas BlackJack Basic Strategy Guide takes into consideration basic strategy as well…

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MyVegas Collection Errors & Solutions

MyVegas Collection Errors & Solutions myvegas #myvegasfriends #myvegasgift #myvegaschips #myvegasneighbor

MyVegas Collection Errors & SolutionsIf you have a lot of friends in MyVegas, then you have probably run into some MyVegas Collection Errors. It’s anywhere from 45-60 actions you can make, when you accepts gifts from friends, neighbor invites, etc. Each time you collect, you need to refresh the page. But it will get to the point, where you are refreshing for 10-15 minutes – which you have to do, otherwise you can’t collect…

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Crafting Equipment Upgrades Guide - ArcheAge

Crafting Equipment Upgrades Guide - ArcheAge #armor #armour #crafting #archeage

Crafting Equipment Upgrades GuideThe likelihood of you getting a part of a top 50 set with decent item rarity with a low crafting skill is incredibly low, and you are about to understand why, with this Crafting Equipment Upgrades Guide. From levels 20 until 40, there are 5 sets for each armor type. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the system, a set is a collection of equipment and when a player wears a certain amount of…

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Wildstar Class Guide PDF Download

Wildstar Class Guide PDF Download #wildstar #wildstarclass #wildstarclasses #wildstarclassguide

Wildstar Class GuideIt’s one thing to play a class, but to really understand it, you need a Wildstar Class Guide. A Wildstar Class Guide will teach you the ins and outs of your particular class, but not just in name, but how to play your class and which skills are best used. This Wildstar Class Guide also goes over the best weapons and an intro into some recommended builds, without telling you which build is best.…

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Sept 20 -=MyVegas=- Coupons

Sept 20 -=MyVegas=- Coupons -  
Large Chip Shares

Archeage Prison System explained

Archeage Prison System explained #archeage #archeageprison

Archeage Prison System - prisoner garbThe Archeage Prison System isn’t a new idea to MMOs, but it is somewhat rare to find in an MMO. The Archeage Prison System, is one of the most well thought out systems to date. Each time you commit some sort of Crime, you gain Crime Points which once rose to a certain amount will net you a trip to court or if you’ve been a extremely bad, Piracy!

To get sent to prison, you will need to obtain 50…

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MyVegas Coupons & Chip Shares

Sept 19 MyVegas Large Chip Share Coupons - http://bit.ly/1pm5aja

#MyVegas #MyVegasCoupon #MyVegaschips #MyVegascoupons #myvegaschips

Automate MyVegas Gift Giving

Automate MyVegas Gift Giving #myvegas #myvegasgift #myvegasgifting #myvegasmacro #automatemyvegas

It came to me, a way to Automate MyVegas Gift Giving. How? Why? Why would you even need to? Well lets start with the fact that I was about to sit down for dinner, when I realized I needed to send out all my gifts for the day. Normally, I need to send them off to a good 300+ people, and this can be monotonous handling 8 at a time. In fact, I began to realize the amount of time it takes, to send so…

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